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Anna Lisa


I recently earned my PhD doing research in machine learning for robotics at the University of Illinois. I have been published multiple times in scientific journals. I have summa cum laude honors degrees in Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering at Oklahoma State University. I achieved a perfect score on the SAT math test (overall 2300), and was a National Merit Scholar. My ultimate goal is to be a professor in engineering.


I have 8+ years of experience tutoring subjects from almost every field in science, technology, engineering, and math. From basic math functions to advanced partial differential equations, HS chemistry to quantum physics, from coding 101 to advanced C++ and python, from elementary statistics to advanced mechanics.


I want to help you not only achieve the high grades you want, but also develop the mental tools to succeed in the future! I love helping other students learn how to solve problems. My favorite thing about tutoring is finding ways to explain difficult concepts in an intuitive manner that works best for you!

$ 60/ Hour


40 Mins


5 - 17

Mode: 1-on-1 Tutoring

Language: English

Student: 3,215


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